A short note about each of the artist's work and their approach.

Sue Banks
I have drawn and painted throughout my life, and have had some formal art education at Bangor University and the Wirral Met College and have exhibited and sold work in Cornwall and Anglesey. I use oils, watercolour and inks. I currently paint largely in oils exploring the medium’s versatility through paintings of landscape and the natural world, sometimes using images that express my despair at what is happening to our world’s environment.

Mal Briscoe
Mal graduated from the art School in the early 60’s and worked as a colour consultant and graphic designer for a major paint company. Since retirement he enjoys experimenting with different mediums and techniques.

Mary Campbell
Printmaking is the mainstay of my work and collagraphy is my favoured method. Drawing is crucial for the design, mainly from my own sketchbooks, sometimes supplemented by other visual material. From the drawing I construct a low relief sculpture using card and paper, odds and ends, glue and gesso. The printing plate is inked up in both intaglio and relief, using the viscosity method to layer colour, a process which is tricky to replicate so I never print editions. The finished collagraph is an arrangement of forms and colours which conjures up stories and memories.

Alan Edwards.
I spent half my working life in advertising as a Graphic Designer. I left advertising in my mid thirties and took a B.A. Fine Art Degree at Liverpool John Moores University. After graduation I completed a PGCE and became an art teacher.
My work at present is split between painting and printmaking. I also make handmade artists books containing my own prints.
As far as my painting goes I can only refer to Paul Klee who wrote “To paint well is simply to put the right colour in the right place”. In other words I try and focus on the formal aspects of a painting and let the ‘art’ look after itself. If it was only that simple.
As regards printmaking I pursue different goals. In the main I explore areas of my imagination through printmaking.

Liz Fielding
A retired Geography teacher, Liz studied Illustration at John Moore's after retirement. She paints in watercolour, particularly buildings and landscape and in the open air when possible. Liz has exhibited around the North West and undertakes a few commissions each year. She is also interested in printmaking. She is a member of Formby Artists and leader of a local U3A painting group.

Dennis Green
Dennis has exhibited throughout the UK, notably at Christies Sporting Art Auctions, Hawk and Owl Trust Exhibitions at the Mall Galleries, Sotherbys Sussex and the Lyver and Boydell Galleries, Liverpool. More recent exhibitions include the Artists Club, Liverpool and the Williamson Gallery, Birkenhead.
"Smaller works are usually completed in watercolour/gouache but for larger maritime works he uses oil. He is currently painting a series of works on sailing ships and liners that visited Liverpool in the past together with the various tugs which handled them."

Jean Harley
Born on the Fylde , raised in Mossley Hill .. ... Now living near Chester .,Spent my working life in Finance ..attended courses trying all mediums and disciplines ...no formal art education ...I draw , paint , use anything and everything to make marks on any surface .. Work at the moment is mainly botanical painting ,wildlife ,domestic and farm animals ...using watercolour and/ or mixed media ...sometimes landscape or abstract subject . 'Jack of all trades and master of none ' ?.
Not old enough yet to decide what I really want to.do .!
Member of the Grosvenor Art Society in Chester , exhibit with them and other groups in the area by invitation .... At Ness Gardens I concentrate on Botanical Painting For 21 years I have organised a group who hold monthly meetings people at all levels , working all mediums , who pass on materials , advice to help people starting out .
Invited to exhibit with ' The Square .' in 2013 ... this gives me an opportunity to show my botanical work as a unique subject in an exhibition of very varied subjects and techniques ... I would like you to see my ' other ' work sometime ...hence attached images .

Mike Hatjoullis
The prints I’ve included are part of a series based on the theme of cities, which is an ongoing project. Usually consisting of a large print with associated smaller prints. The prints have been shown over a number of years at major print shows at the Mall Galleries, London and more recently at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.
I also produce paintings from direct observation working in a wide range of media and using a variety of techniques. Currently I am researching Blackpool, a subject that I have been collecting reference materials on for a few years.
Forthcoming exhibition taking place at Editions Liverpool in April 2015, as a result of winning the Liverpool Open Print Competition.

Irene Jones
After graduating from the University of Lancashire in Fine Art in 1997, I have specialised in producing Monoprints, or very small editions, using Collagraph as my medium. I find that this experimental method gives me the means to explore line and texture whilst also the freedom to apply the inks in a more painterly fashion. I am excited by the joint expressions of order and chaos that collagraphs possess. The image is fixed, but the application of the ink, and the ephemeral nature of the plate, subtly changes each image so that no two prints are identical. I enjoy that serendipity.
Landscape informs my current work, in particular the island of Anglesey, an area rich in myth and ancient stones, wild rocky headlands, wind scoured beaches, and long forgotten industries.

Martin Jones
After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1988, Martin worked as a freelance illustrator for magazines and book publishing companies in London. Clients included The Radio Times, Elle magazine, Cosmopolitan and The Observer magazine. In 2002 he began lecturing in illustration at Wigan and Leigh College. Martin is currently a full-time painter and takes part in exhibitions around Merseyside.

Susan Meyerhoff Sharples
Email; susanmeyerhoffsharples@hotmail.co.uk
Website; www.susanmeyerhoffsharples.com
Susan Meyerhoff Sharples, is an international visual artist, based in North West England, UK, Fellow of Wirral Art School and a Batchelor of Arts with honours.
Her work is concept led, inspired by evolutionary processes and the primal instinct for survival achieved via diversity and adaptation. Repetition is a constant element in the work.
Predominantly a sculptor, she creates hybrid sculptural forms and wall based relief works that expose a glimpse of evolutionary fantasy, suggesting relationships between ancient organisms and their modern descendants. Their ambiguity reflects cultural, social and environmental concerns.
Her initial ideas take the form of drawings, prints or paintings which are often developed into sculptural sketches in wire, clay or paper, thus exploring the three dimensional form. Large scale sculptures are created from a smaller maquette which is scaled up to its intended sculptural dimensions during fabrication.
Exhibitions, commissions, collections include: America, UK, Canada, Spain, Austria, Israel, Croatia, Montenegro, Eire and Turkey.

Peter Philip
Paintings Drawings Etchings Exhibitions
Born in Liverpool, Peter Philip began his working life as a Lithographic Artist, while studying part time at Liverpool College of Art, eventually returning, full-time to formal art studies, graduating with an honours degree in Fine Art from Liverpool John Moores University. He now regularly exhibits his work around the North West of England.

He is a representational painter working mainly in oils depicting subjects that are part of everyday life. Inspired by traditional classical paintings he paints contemporary subjects firmly establishing his compositions in the present day. An adept draughtsman preliminary studies forming an important element in the execution of his paintings, he also makes bold and articulate finished drawings.

Prices depend on the size and complexity of the work. Paintings ranging from £250 to £2000, drawings £200 to £800, and etchings from £30 to £100. Please feel free to contact him for information concerning artwork or proposed commissions.
Peter Philip Retrospective Exhibition, July 2015 at Williamson Art Gallery

Kevin Reilly
I strive to create my impressions of fleeting moments in time in a constantly changing landscape or townscape. For me the constant changes of atmosphere caused by the effectsof sunlight, shifting clouds and their shadows upon land ,sky and water create effects which make man and his edifices seem so insignificant.
Art like life is a rocky road and it is the constant challenge of capturing on paper,canvas or board what one actually witnesses when studying the elements and their effects. I like to observe scenes of rugged beauty and to represent my own feelings for them with a palette of relatively few colours. I try my best to work directly from nature using oils, watercolours or pastels and I like paint on canvas to look like what it is, rather than highly finished photorealism. For me the light and its effects are the thing that inspire me.

Brian Roe
Brian commenced painting on taking early retirement from the financial industry and is one of the few in the group who is not professionally trained.
Main interest is the mellow charm of our British landscape and the rugged beauty of our coasts. Representational works mainly in soft pastel on pastel card emphasizing the lively effects of water elements and chameleon skies.
Exhibits widely in local group shows and in Cornwall. Kriterion prize in 2006.

Paul Scragg
I have a fascination in painting, drawing and print and the generation of ideas from what I see and experience. My second interest revolves around providing accessible art and education to people wishing to get involved and aiming to generate their own ideas and work. I have been working as a full time artist since June 2012 when I established a company called “Man in the Moon”.
To see more of Paul’s work and find out about courses and workshops he delivers please visit,

Cathy Turner
Trading as ‘Scheherazade’ Fantasy Artist and Designer

I create atmospheric paintings, colourful textiles, jewellery and wearable art.
My background in theatre (performance and wardrobe) still brings a theatricality that colours my work. Favourite subjects evoke the natural world. Adding imaginative depth to myths, legends and story telling for the “Natural Instincts Collection”.
Also a freelance Tutor in felt-making, creative embroidery, art and design. Currently working with Abakhan Fabrics Stores in Flintshire, North Wales and the Embroiderer’s Guild.
My techniques vary with each project but often involve mixed-media, using painting mediums, hand-dyed wools, fabrics, silk, with embroidery/stitch for a distinctive look.

Kay Wilkin
I am a largely self taught artist who has had a lifetime interest in painting.

In the past, my work was almost entirely traditional and in watercolour. Retirement has given me more time to develop new painting styles and the freedom to experiment with acrylics and mixed media although watercolour and inks are still present in some work. Often painting on quite large canvasses, I use rollers, large brushes, silicone spatulas and scrapers to layer paint and create textured surfaces. In this way I aim to use mark making and lively brushwork to create interesting and atmospheric images.

I have exhibited work with this group and others in the Merseyside area and have had paintings accepted for the Williamson Open Exhibition and the Lancashire Open Exhibition.