Homepage for "Art from the Square" which is a collaborative group of artists from Merseyside in the United Kingdom.

Welcome to the Art from the Square Home Page. We are a group of artists based around the Merseyside area who originally came together to exhibit their work at Clayton Square in Liverpool city centre. Since then the group has been an important stimulus in helping artists develop and extend their work. We have an eclectic range of styles and methods including paintings, drawings, prints and textiles. We work to professional standards and many of us are active locally and nationally. More information about group members is available on About the Artists page. Individual members also exhibit widely at other venues in the area and nationally.

The group is organized as a co-operative, any costs involved being shared equally amongst those taking part. This arrangement means that all work is offered for sale without additions for the usual overheads for commission etc. We carry out all stewarding at exhibitions so when you come along you will always meet some us.


Ann Beare, Sue Banks, Mal Briscoe, Deborah Butler, Mary Campbell, Gill Curry, Diane Daily, Tony Dash, , Alan Edwards, Liz Fielding, George Drought, Dennis Green, Jean Harley, Mike Hatjoullis, Sandra Hepworth, Grace Horne, Anne Jones, Irene Jones, Martin Jones, Nick Kelly, Tim Maycox, Denise Nuttall, Peter Philip, John Pickles, Kevin Reilly, Brian Roe, Paul Scragg, Sue Meyerhoff Sharples, Cathy Turner, Christine Wilson, Kay Wilkin.

E-mail roebt@blueyonder.co.uk

Phone - Mike Hatjoullis 0151 722 0864
Brian Roe 0151 259 2849 or 07522562002


At Reader Gallery Calderstones Park, Liverpool

18 to 31 March

8 to 21 July

9 to 22 December


At Castle Park Gallery Frodsham

7 Jan to 17 February

The Reader Gallery Calderstones Park Liverpool

23 March to 5 April

22 June to 5 July

7 to 20 September

7 to 20 December